Title: Startup Grave

Release Date: 14 June 2018

Platform: iOS Universal

Website: https://alperiskender.com/en/

Price: $ 1.99


Startup Grave is a solo card game with turn based battle system.

Maya and her friends found a gate to the Earth to escape from the underworld but monsters of the underworld are not happy with this escape plan. Along 48 cards, we need to fight with underworld monsters that are trying to keep us from reaching the Earth. In this journey, prevent our health bar to run out and keep the monsters’ trouble bar low. You can either face the damage or challenge a monster to the battle. You can also be stronger in the battle by unlocking new cards using the points you win.

Every deck gives you 4-5 minutes playtime and it’s designed to be played everywhere easily. Also, engaging gameplay you are looking for is more rich with catchy music and stylish character drawings.

Startup Grave gives you one more time feeling whether you are an experienced card game player or this is your first card game. Let’s jump to your journey with Maya and her friends!



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Game Designer: Alper Iskender

Music: Olive Musique

Tester: Fehim Tabak

Tester: Gurcan Gulec

Tester: Iulia Popa

Game Icon: Burak Cinar


Inquiries: contact@alperiskender.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iskenderalper

Web: https://alperiskender.com/en/

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