Genre: Puzzle

Platform: iOS

Release Date: 06.04.2017

Polycolor is a marvellous puzzle game about colors that always changes the basic rules of the game to force you to think differently.

Polycolor got featured in 152 countries on the Appstore Home Page!


– 72 creative episodes

– Minimalist user interface, perfect interaction with puzzles

– Relaxing, peaceful music

– Exclusive for Appstore

Thank you for your support and I would like to add some color to your life with Polycolor.


4 comments On Polycolor

  • Please get your app working. It works Ok for a few levels and then simply says “ you know the rules” and will not allow colour selection to continue. Thanks.

    • Hi Suzan,

      Thank you for the feedback. When you start the game, basic rule of it is “don’t use the same color in the neighbor shape”, but this will change after one moment because the game changes it’s style every time the player gets used to the rules to keep your mind fresh. For the same purpose, we let the players discover the rules, so Polycolor doesn’t have any rules to make the player rush, they have time to discover.

      I hope this helps and you will enjoy playing Polycolor.

      Have a nice weekend,


  • Will you ever release an android version for those of us without iphones/ipads? TIA

    • I’m not developing the game any other platforms for now. Maybe in the future, I’ll keep it in my mind.

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